How Alex Savy Built and Sold a Six-Figure Affiliate Website

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How Alex Built and Sold a Six-Figure Affiliate Website

In 2022, Google began a series of product review updates designed to prioritize high-quality reviews based on first-hand experience. With the rise in popularity of niche affiliate websites, many reviews are written by people who’ve never used the product they’re reviewing.

Alex Savy was ahead of the game, and maybe that’s one of the reasons for his success with SEO and affiliate marketing. Alex has created several affiliate websites, including Sleeping Ocean, a mattress review site he sold for six figures.

Before Alex started the site, he noticed many sites published quality mattress reviews. With Sleeping Ocean, he wrote each article based on first-hand experience, allowing him to create better and more useful reviews than many competitors.

In this interview, Alex shares how he focuses on high-quality content and strong backlinks to grow Sleeping Ocean.

Please tell us about your background before starting Sleeping Ocean.

I was a web developer back in 2012. I quickly realized that while I know how to build a website, I need to learn how to get more traffic because simply building a good-looking, well-functioning website is not enough. My experience as a web developer helped me understand the technical part of SEO better.

I was working for an SEO agency at the beginning of my career, where I managed local clients, SaaS companies, and big E-commerce stores.

I quit working for an SEO agency to focus on affiliate marketing. Three years later, I flipped my first website for six figures.

When did you launch Sleeping Ocean, and what was your motivation for starting the site?

I spent so much time looking for industries I wanted to launch my next websites. I analyzed the mattress industry and noticed a market gap in that there were just a few websites that were working with content and links properly. So, I knew that I could produce better content and get better links. At that time, people didn’t pay much attention to the quality of content and even links.

Was the site monetized exclusively through affiliate programs, and was it just Amazon or others?

Most of the well-known mattress brands sell their products directly through their websites. So, the only way to partner with them is via different affiliate platforms. However, there are brands that work through Amazon.

How did you stand out from other sites?

SEO is about content and links. When you look at the website’s backlinks on Ahrefs, you will see that we were able to acquire amazing backlinks. The same applies to content. We were doing real reviews of products. 

How did you get access to the products you reviewed?

For all of the websites that I manage, we buy some of the products, some of them we get for free to review. It’s always a mix. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned through your experience with the site?

This website was not the only one I managed during the last three years. So, I will share my biggest takeaways from the whole experience of growing websites in highly competitive industries:

  1. Focus on the quality of your product. When it’s a service business, deliver better service and customer experience. In the case of affiliate marketing, write better content because the content is your product.
  2. Understand your competitive advantages before launching the website. In other words, answer the question: How am I going to win? 

What are you working on now?

I work as an SEO consultant for a few companies as well as managing our affiliate websites.

Also, working on launching our link-building service to help businesses get more Forbes-level backlinks through HARO, Qwoted, and Featured. We have been doing it for almost five years for our projects and know how to do it with a very high success rate.

Here is an example of links to one of our new projects.

Screenshot of inbound links

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