How Christina Nicholson Built a Business By Solving a Problem

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How Christina Nicholson built a business by solving a problem

Every entrepreneurial journey has its own unique origin. Christina Nicholson‘s experience creating and growing Podcast Clout is noteworthy because she started the business to solve a very specific challenge she faced as a PR professional. Her journey stands out as a vibrant narrative of ingenuity and innovation.

She didn’t have lofty ambitions for Podcast Clout. She simply created it because no one else had solved this problem within the industry.

Christina’s story highlights her reliance on intuition, innovation, and problem-solving, driven by personal passion. She leveraged her industry insights to create an indispensable tool she and her team needed, not primarily as a business venture, but as a tool to amplify their work.

Christina’s journey from the creation of Podcast Clout to a six-figure exit provides valuable insight that shows the possibility of turning personal aspirations into successful ventures, even without prior experience in software development or website creation.

Identifying a Need and Creating Podcast Clout

In entrepreneurship, significant breakthroughs often result from identifying and addressing unmet needs. Christina Nicholson’s experience with Podcast Clout is a perfect example.

Christina’s journey began in the world of public relations, where she noticed a glaring omission in the tools available. “In PR, there is software that helps publicists find contact information. All the software was missing podcasts,” she explains. While there were some podcast databases, they were listing millions, overwhelming PR professionals in their search for quality connections.

Although podcasts provide excellent opportunities for PR, identifying the right opportunities for clients was cumbersome and time-consuming. Over a period of a few years, Christina reached out to several companies that produced PR software and asked them to include podcasts, but it never happened.

Driven by her industry experience, Christina envisioned a solution focused solely on top-ranked podcasts – a database prioritizing quality over quantity. With no existing platform aligned with her vision, she took matters into her own hands. “One that did filtering didn’t already exist, so I had it created,” she explains.

Podcast Clout

Christina sought help from experienced individuals in technology and software to bring her vision for Podcast Clout to life. Her goal was to create a platform that made it easy for PR professionals to identify leading podcasts in various industries so they could pitch their clients as potential guests.

Notably, Christina’s initial financial investment in bringing Podcast Clout to life was modest. “I don’t think I paid more than $2,500 to have the website created,” she says. However, she soon realized that building and maintaining a software platform was more complex than expected.

The initial site had a lot of problems, so she hired another developer on a monthly retainer to make the needed changes and maintain the site.

Growing the Business

Because Christina started Podcast Clout primarily for her own needs, growing the business was not her top priority. She never aggressively marketed or promoted the business. However, she did have success with natural and subtle promotions.

Podcast Clout is monetized through user subscriptions. PR professionals or agencies pay a subscription fee for access to the database of podcasts. Christina knew Podcast Clout was needed within the industry, and it was just a matter of getting it in front of the right people.

To do this, Christina harnessed the power of social engagement in niche communities, especially Facebook Groups. In these forums, she engaged with PR professionals and answered their questions about finding podcasts for pitching. Whenever someone would ask how others found podcasts or contact information, she’d mention Podcast Clout.

This unique strategy yielded results that proved the inherent demand for Podcast Clout. The platform, designed to simplify podcast discovery for PR professionals, struck a chord with its target audience. It wasn’t long before Podcast Clout gained traction and recognition within the PR community. 

With no direct competitors offering the same value as Podcast Clout, this side business grew organically without heavy promotion.

The Decision to Sell

Despite the platform’s initial success and recognition within the community, Christina Nicholson found herself at a crossroads, contemplating the future of her venture. 

“My heart wasn’t in it,” Christina reflects on the juncture that led to her decision to sell Podcast Clout. Although she had brought a unique solution to life and witnessed its growth, she faced the reality that her passion had waned.

She never wanted to manage the program or be a developer. The primary driving force behind the creation of Podcast Clout was Christina’s desire to use the program for her clients. Her genuine passion was still with her PR agency, Media Maven, and running Podcast Clout felt more like a distraction.

Media Maven

“I tried to learn how to grow software and joined a mastermind, but didn’t want to execute what needed to be done,” she explains. Christina’s self-awareness had a significant impact on her decision-making process. She realized that her interest in the software industry was lacking, and after a thoughtful assessment, she determined it would be best to leave.

Christina’s decision to sell Podcast Clout came when the platform was still profitable, mitigating the risks associated with a declining business. This strategic move allowed her to transition out of a venture that no longer aligned with her interests while preserving its value. 

Post-Sale Involvement and 10% Ownership

The decision to sell was not the end of her journey with Podcast Clout but a strategic pivot that allowed her to shift her focus to Media Maven. While parting ways with her brainchild through a six-figure exit, she kept a 10% ownership stake in the company, serving as a valuable advisor for the new owners.

As an advisor, Christina plays a crucial role, sharing her knowledge about PR and the podcast space, and offering strategic guidance to the new owners. “I’m filling them in on what I see in the PR and podcast space, making lots of introductions to my contacts, and creating some contact for the Podcast Clout audience,” she explains.

As she continues to advise and collaborate with the new owners, Nicholson’s entrepreneurial journey remains a growing narrative. Her experience is a testament to recognizing when it’s time to transition, keeping a stake in the venture, and contributing to its future success meaningfully. 


Christina Nicholson’s journey was not that of a seasoned software founder. Instead, it was that of an industry insider who identified a need and brought a solution to life. Her story proves that entrepreneurship doesn’t always follow a predetermined path – it often emerges from recognizing opportunities and acting upon them.

As Nicholson continues to advise the new owners of Podcast Clout, her story serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship – a narrative that reminds us to recognize opportunities, learn from experiences, and thrive by pursuing endeavors aligned with our passions and, at times, outside our comfort zones.

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