How Mohit Tater Built and Manages a $10 Million Portfolio

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How Mohit Tater built and manages a $10 million portfolio

In the ever-changing industry of digital entrepreneurship, some individuals stand out as pioneers, achieving remarkable success by creating their own paths. Mohit Tater, the founder of BlackBook Investments, a micro private equity firm specializing in website acquisition and management, is one such entrepreneur.

BlackBook Investments stands out in the industry by aiding clients and investors through acquisition and management, creating a truly passive investment.

Tater is a prime example of someone who has seized opportunities and made a name for himself in the online business world. With his passion and determination to have a location-independent business, Tater has transformed his life through the art of buying and selling websites.

From Mohit Tater’s early exploration of building websites from scratch to his impressive foray into website flipping, he provides valuable insights into the strategies, challenges, and successes that have shaped his entrepreneurial path. 

A Journey Into Entrepreneurship

As a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and investor, Tater’s early career set the foundation for BlackBook Investments. After graduating from university in 2011, he started his professional career at Zomato, a multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company. This experience provided him with valuable knowledge about startups, which sparked his desire to embark on his entrepreneurial path.

Tater’s fascination with location-independent businesses was ignited by the pages of Timothy Ferriss’ bestselling book, “The 4-Hour Workweek.” Within its inspirational storiesof internet millionaires, he glimpsed the boundless possibilities of the digital realm. Driven by newfound inspiration, he decided to delve deeper into digital marketing, setting his sights on achieving his own success.

Tater first tried building websites from the ground up, which proved to be a difficult task. However, this experience set the groundwork for his future. During this exploration, Tater came across an alternative approach: website flipping using platforms like Flippa. “I realized that scaling an existing profitable business had a better chance of success, so I purchased my first business for $2,500 on Flippa.” He explains.

His first website flip involved a service-based site for building social media followers and engagement, which was extremely popular at the time. The move, funded by a combination of savings and a loan from his mother, proved highly successful, turning the $2,500 investment into a $12,500 sale just six months later.

This success confirmed his entrepreneurial instincts and paved the way for establishing BlackBook Investments. Tater told us, “This experience building and selling my first site affirmed the potential of website investing.”

Tater continued the process by using the proceeds to buy and flip another site, gradually moving up to bigger and more valuable projects.

The Birth of BlackBook Investments

BlackBook Investments

Mohit Tater’s transition from website building to buying existing sites significantly changed his path. After success with his first flip, Tater began helping friends and family invest in websites and online businesses. This resulted in the establishment of BlackBook Investments.

As Tater puts it, “The building process has been a journey of continuous growth and development.” What began as a collaborative effort with friends and family eventually evolved into a dedicated service, officially launched in January 2014. During its initial phases, BlackBook Investments operated as a one-man show with minimal startup costs, focusing primarily on service-based offerings. 

Today, BlackBook provides a range of services including identifying potential acquisitions, due diligence, negotiation, and even managing sites after they’ve been acquired. This approach allows investors to passively own an online business, even if they have no experience or expertise in the field.

In Tater’s words, “BlackBook Investments focuses on acquiring, managing, and growing a diversified portfolio of established cash-flowing online businesses.” Their mission is to connect with online business owners in evergreen niches who are motivated to sell. They also work with savvy investors looking for high-ROI opportunities in the digital landscape. The company offers a range of fully managed services tailored to investors’ unique goals, whether they prefer one-on-one investments, group buys, or comprehensive deal-finding and vetting services.

Under Mohit Tater’s guidance, BlackBook Investments has become a prominent player in the industry. They’ve acheived phenomenal ROI for clients through these alternative investments.

Over the years, BlackBook Investments has undergone remarkable growth and transformation. The company’s portfolio now boasts more than 20 diverse online businesses with a combined value of over $10 million. Tater attributes this success to the expansion of the team, which now comprises more than 25 talented individuals, each contributing unique skills and expertise.

Building a Website Empire

Mohit Tater’s journey from his first website flip to the establishment of BlackBook Investments is a testament to his vision and expertise in the world of website management and acquisition.

Tater’s strategy for enhancing website profitability is both comprehensive and strategic. He strongly emphasizes increasing a site’s profit and value by meticulously optimizing existing revenue streams while strategically branching out. Beyond conventional income sources such as display ads and affiliate marketing, Tater believes in diversifying revenue streams to fortify a website’s financial foundation.

One key element of Tater’s approach is growing a dedicated audience. This consists of a concerted effort in SEO, where strategies are employed to boost a website’s visibility in search engine rankings.

He emphasizes the significance of building an audience through SEO, creating high-quality content, and reaching out to authoritative websites for valuable links. This balanced and multifaceted strategy has proven highly effective in amplifying the value of websites under BlackBook Investments’ management.

Tater’s perspective on ROI is equally insightful. “In a fictional scenario,” he explains, “let’s say we acquire a website for $500,000. Our goal would be to achieve a return on investment (ROI) of 20%+ annualized.” This ambitious target reflects BlackBook Investments’ commitment to delivering impressive results for their clients. 

The future plans for BlackBook Investments involve focusing on achieving and surpassing targeted ROI, expanding their portfolio, and refining their strategies. Tater’s insights demonstrate the company’s commitment to creating a website empire that provides exceptional value for both website owners and investors.


Mohit Tater’s journey in digital entrepreneurship, from a beginner to a successful website flipper and founder of BlackBook Investments, highlights the ever-changing nature of success. His story emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities, embracing challenges, and recognizing the need for adaptability in shaping the future.

As Tater’s path continues to unfold, it serves as an inspiring narrative, reminding us that with website flipping and online business management, the journey is just as remarkable as the destination, and the possibilities are as vast as the digital landscape itself.

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